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Sunlight Windows Mfg Ltd has been bringing top quality windows and doors to our valued metropolitan Vancouver clients for over ten years. A company that offers one stop shopping for all of your window and door needs, we make it our priority to stay on top of the latest innovations to bring cutting edge window and door solutions to meet the home renovation needs of each of our customers. Whether you are looking for vinyl windows or a specific type of energy efficient glass, we will design, create, and install the perfect solution for your home or office.

Our products are easy to assemble and environmentally friendly to promote a green living space while reducing overall costs.

Looking for energy efficient windows that will help put a little “green” back in your pocket? Even a simple switch from single glazed windows to double ones will help you realize dramatic cost savings when it comes to your regular monthly home heating bills. We offer our valued Vancouver customers the choice of Energy Star, Low E, or Argon glass; all choices that make your home look great and support a sustainable ecological environment.

We manufacture a large variety of windows including:

Window Technologies: Low-E Coatings
Low-emittance (low-E) coatings are microscopically thin, virtually invisible, metal or metallic oxide layers deposited on a window or skylight glazing surface primarily to reduce the U-factor by suppressing radiative heat flow. The principal mechanism of heat transfer in multilayer glazing is thermal radiation from a warm pane of glass to a cooler pane. Coating a glass surface with a low-emittance material and facing that coating into the gap between the glass layers blocks a significant amount of this radiant heat transfer, thus lowering the total heat flow through the window. Low-E coatings are transparent to visible light. Different types of low-E coatings have been designed to allow for high solar gain, moderate solar gain, or low solar gain.

In heating-dominated climates with a modest amount of cooling or climates where both heating and cooling are required, low-E coatings with high-, moderate- or low-solar-gains may result in similar annual energy costs depending on the house design and operation. While higher solar-gain glazings perform better in winter, lower solar-gain glazings perform better in summer. In cooling-dominated climates, the priority is to lower solar gains. Look at the energy use comparisons under Window Selection to see how different glazings perform in particular locations.

Double-Glazed with High-Solar-Gain Low-E Glass
This figure illustrates the characteristics of a typical double-glazed window with a high-solar gain low-E glass with argon gas fill. These windows are designed to reduce heat loss but admit solar gain. High-solar-gain low-E glass products are best suited for buildings located in heating-dominated climates and are the product of choice for passive solar design projects.

High-solar-gain low-E glass is often made with pyrolytic low-E coatings, although sputtered high-solar-gain low-E is also available.

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