Awning Style Windows

Like a casement window, an awning window has a crank mechanism for opening, but rather than opening from the side, the awning window opens outward from the bottom or middle. That means that regardless of weather conditions, the awning window can be opened to improve ventilation. Rain will simply run off the pane, and won’t be able to seep in.

The crank mechanism keeps the window open at exactly the width you prefer. Awning windows may be a single pane or multiple panes, and can be combined with other window styles for characteristic effects. Many homeowners like to place awning windows along the top of a wall, where light and air are allowed in, without compromising the amount of wall space.

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Homeowners and developers in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland trust Sunlight Windows because of our reputation for excellent craftsmanship and commitment to excellence in our products and service. In other words, we get the job done.

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Full Service Window Installation and Replacement

Sunlight Windows Mfg Ltd focuses on providing homeowners with customized vinyl windows and doors to complement the style of their home. Energy efficient, durable, and secure, our windows and doors are easy to maintain and are backed by our 20 year warranty.

Available in many different styles and easily customizable to suit the preferences of each homeowner, an investment in windows or doors from Sunlight Windows will improve the overall look and value of your home.

General Contracting, Window Manufacturing & Building Remediation

Sunlight Windows works with strata housing developments to provide environmentally-friendly windows and doors of exceptional quality. Whether you are looking to replace windows and doors in a single unit or throughout an entire condominium, we offer affordable pricing and top-tier customer service. We make it our business to help strata developments source the best window and door options to reduce energy costs and maximize functionality, performance, and style for each individual home.

Our staff have the necessary experience to assist strata corporations with project management and installation oversight for all of their renovation needs.

Specialist in Bulk Window Design and Production

Sunlight Windows has been partnering with builders and developers for years to provide the latest in vinyl windows and doors to complement the homes they renovate or build from the ground up. We offer competitive pricing built on the back of products with a 20 year warranty, a compelling testament to their durability. We also provide builders and developers with exterior cladding and rainscreen for new building projects.

Builders and developers love our handcrafted products for their distinctive design elements which can be customized to suit the “look” of each new development or renovation. Best of all, our products are designed to reduce monthly heating costs due to their energy efficiency, an excellent selling feature for new home buyers.

Commercial Building Window and Doors

Sunlight Windows also manufactures and installs windows and doors for commercial buildings. Commercial buildings typically require larger profile for doors and windows and thicker materials to withstand more frequent use and different set of requirements. Our team at Sunlight understands the requirements well and have years of experience making windows for commercial buildings. We are also up-to-date with the latest environmental certifications.

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Hundreds of homeowners trust Sunlight WIndows to manufacture and windows for their homes and are happy about the results. Below are just some examples of our work.

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